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D.2.14 ValueMod

A ValueMod can specify special modifications to a Value.

ValueMod ⇒
    31 i0 (i0 | i1 string[subscript])
    v1(00 (i1 | i2) 00 00 int 00 00)
    v3(count(FormatString StylePair))
  | 31 int[n-refs] int16*[n-refs] Format
  | 58

Format ⇒ 00 00 count(FormatString Style 58)
FormatString ⇒ count((count((i0 58)?) (58 | 31 string))?)

StylePair ⇒
    (31 Style | 58)
    (31 Style2 | 58)

Style ⇒
    bool[bold] bool[italic] bool[underline] bool[show]
    string[fgcolor] string[bgcolor]
    string[typeface] byte[size]

Style2 ⇒
    int[halign] int[valign] double[offset]
    int16[left-margin] int16[right-margin]
    int16[top-margin] int16[bottom-margin]

A ValueMod that begins with “31 i0” specifies a string to append to the main text of the Value, as a subscript. The subscript text is a brief indicator, e.g. ‘a’ or ‘a,b’, with its meaning indicated by the table caption. In this usage, subscripts are similar to footnotes. One apparent difference is that a Value can only reference one footnote but a subscript can list more than one letter.

A ValueMod that begins with 31 followed by a nonzero “int” specifies a footnote or footnotes that the Value references. Footnote markers are shown appended to the main text of the Value, as superscripts.

The Format, if present, is a format string for substitutions using the syntax explained previously. It appears to be an English-language version of the localized format string in the Value in which the Format is nested.

Style and Style2, if present, change the style for this individual Value. bold, italic, and underline control the particular style. fgcolor and bgcolor are strings, such as #ffffff. The size is a font size in units of 1/96 inch.

halign is 0 for center, 2 for left, 4 for right, 6 for decimal, 0xffffffad for mixed. For decimal alignment, offset is the decimal point’s offset from the right side of the cell, in units of 1/72 inch.

valign specifies vertical alignment: 0 for center, 1 for top, 3 for bottom.

left-margin, right-margin, top-margin, and bottom-margin are in units of 1/72 inch.

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