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D.1.11 The pageSetup Element

Parent: heading
Contents: pageHeader pageFooter

This element has the following attributes.

Required: initial-page-number

Always 1.

Optional: chart-size

Always as-is or a localization (!) of it (e.g. dimensione attuale, Wie vorgegeben).

Optional: margin-left
Optional: margin-right
Optional: margin-top
Optional: margin-bottom

Margin sizes in the form sizein, e.g. 0.25in.

Optional: paper-height
Optional: paper-width

Paper sizes in the form sizein, e.g. 8.5in by 11in for letter paper or 8.267in by 11.692in for A4 paper.

Optional: reference-orientation

Always 0deg.

Optional: space-after

Always 12pt.