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D.1.14 The text Element (Inside pageParagraph)

Parent: pageParagraph
Contents: CDATA?

This text element is nested inside a pageParagraph. There is a different text element that is nested inside a container.

The element is either empty, or contains CDATA that holds almost-XHTML text: in the corpus, either an html or p element. It is almost-XHTML because the html element designates the default namespace as ‘’ instead of an XHTML namespace, and because the CDATA can contain substitution variables: &[Page] for the page number and &[PageTitle] for the page title.

Typical contents (indented for clarity):

<html xmlns="">
        <p style="text-align:right; margin-top: 0">Page &[Page]</p>

This element has the following attributes.

Required: type

Always text.