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14.1.8 Framed-IP-Address

ATTRIBUTE Framed-IP-Address 8 ipaddr
Users: LR
Hints: -R
Huntgroups: LR
Additivity: Replace
Proxy propagated: No

This attribute indicates the address to be configured for the user. It may be used in Access-Accept packets. It may be used in an Access-Request packet as a hint by the NAS to the server that it would prefer that address, but the server is not required to honor the hint.

The value 0xFFFFFFFF ( indicates that the NAS should allow the user to select an address. The value 0xFFFFFFFE ( indicates that the NAS should select an address for the user (e.g. assigned from a pool of addresses kept by the NAS). Other valid values indicate that the NAS should use that value as the user's IP.

When used in a RHS, the value of this attribute can optionally be followed by a plus sign. This usage means that the value of NAS-Port-Id must be added to this IP before replying. For example,

        Framed-IP-Address =

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