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2.4 Invoking ident

ident [options] [file …]

If no file is specified, scan standard input. The ident command scans its input for keywords (see Concepts), displaying to standard output what it finds.


Normally, if no patterns are found for a file, ident emits a warning. This option suppresses the warning.


Note that -Vn is not a valid option for ident, in contrast to most other RCS commands (see Misc common options).

In addition to the normal keyword pattern, for Subversion 1.2 (and later) compatibility3, ident also recognizes patterns having one of the forms:

$keyword:: text $
;; two colons and space after keyword
;; space before ending $

$keyword:: text#$
;; two colons and space after keyword
;; hash before ending $



The fixed-length keyword syntax is described in detail in Version Control with Subversion, chapter “Advanced Topics”, section “Keyword Substitution”.