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2.9 Invoking rcsmerge

rcs merge [options] file
(or “rcsmerge” instead of “rcs merge”)

The rcsmerge command incorporates the changes between two revisions of an RCS file into the corresponding working file.


Passed to the diff3 command. The default if none are specified is -E. With -e, suppress warnings on conflict. The -A style generates the most verbose output. See Invoking diff3 in The GNU Diffutils Manual.


Write to standard output instead of overwriting the working file.


See Misc common options.


(one or two times) specify a revision.

One or two revisions must be specified (using -p, -q, -r). If only one is specified, the second revision defaults to the latest revision on the default branch.


See Substitution mode option.


See Misc common options.


See Date option.

These options have no effect, and are included solely for consistency with other commands (see Environment): -T.