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2.2 Records

A record is a group of one or more fields written one after the other:

Name1: Value1
Name2: Value2
Name2: Value3

It is possible for several fields in a record to share the same name or/and the field value. The following is a valid record containing three fields:

Name: John Smith

The size of a record is defined as the number of fields that it contains. A record cannot be empty, so the minimum size for a record is 1. The maximum number of fields for a record is only limited by the available physical resources. The size of the previous record is 3.

Records are separated by one or more blank lines. For instance, the following example shows a file named personalities.rec featuring three records:

Name: Ada Lovelace
Age: 36

Name: Peter the Great
Age: 53

Name: Matusalem
Age: 969