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4 GNU remotecontrol & BACnet

4.1 Introduction

The BACnet data communication protocol, for Building Automation and Control Networks, was developed by ASHRAE, the building technology society. The intention is to enable interoperability between automation and control systems by different vendors, used in the building industry.

4.2 Associated Specifications

BACnet conformance requires a Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS), which GNU remotecontrol does not currently have. This is because we have no user requests to develop GNU remotecontrol in this direction. However, the PHP code can be adapted to utilize the XML language to effect communication with BACnet systems and compliant devices. GNU remotecontrol is capable of processing packets comprising the BACnet model and its Object types, by utilizing PHP code to parse the data and handle inputs/outputs and network communications as BACnet requires.

The following is a list of information that will greatly help you plan for the usage of the data captured in your Energy Management strategy.

4.3 Going Forward

The roadmap of GNU remotecontrol is a commitment to International standards and protocols for Information Technology to provide availability, relevance, transparency, and maintenance of the GNU remotecontrol framework. (See Roadmap.) The BACnet XML Working Group is an excellent example of these attributes.

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