II. Sather 1.1 Extensions

Table of Contents
15. Language Interface Extensions
16. Threaded Extension
17. Synchronization Extension
18. Distributed Extension

All Sather 1.1 implementations must support the language kernel defined in the last chapter. This chapter defines language extensions which may not be meaningful on every platform or which can be very difficult to implement. For example, platforms without a Fortran compiler need not implement the Fortran language interface.

Although these extensions are optional, they should be considered part of the Sather specification. For example, Sather 1.1 implementations which interface to Fortran must provide the language extension described here. The ICSI compiler supports all extensions described in this chapter on one or more platforms.

The threaded and synchronization extensions enable parallel processing. The synchronization and distributed extensions are only of use with the threaded extension. Collectively, these three extensions are known as pSather, and the language without these extensions is serial Sather.