1.4. Obtaining the Compiler

The GNU Sather compiler can be obtained by anonymous ftp at

Other sites also mirror the Sather distribution. The distribution includes installation instructions, "man" pages, the standard libraries and source for the compiler (in Sather). Documentation, tutorials and up-to-date information are also available at the Sather WWW page:

There is also a library of contributed Sather code to be found at this page.

There is a newsgroup devoted to Sather:


The newsgroup is mirrored in both ways by the mailing list


It is meant for any public discussion about the using and developing Sather. To subscribe, send email to:


with subject "subscribe".

1.4.1. How do I ask questions?

If it appears to be a problem that others would have encountered (on platform 'X', I tried to install it but the it failed to link with the error 'Y'), then the newsgroup/mailinglist is a good place to ask. If you have problems with the compiler or questions that are not of general interest, mail to one of


This is also where you want to send bug reports.