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8.4.3 Aclchg

Command: aclchg usernames permbits list
Command: chacl usernames permbits list

Change permissions for a comma separated list of users. Permission bits are represented as ‘r’, ‘w’ and ‘x’. Prefixing ‘+’ grants the permission, ‘-’ removes it. The third parameter is a comma separated list of commands or windows (specified either by number or title). The special list ‘#’ refers to all windows, ‘?’ to all commands. If usernames consists of a single ‘*’, all known users are affected. A command can be executed when the user has the ‘x’ bit for it. The user can type input to a window when he has its ‘w’ bit set and no other user obtains a writelock for this window. Other bits are currently ignored. To withdraw the writelock from another user in e.g. window 2: ‘aclchg username -w+w 2’. To allow read-only access to the session: ‘aclchg username -w "#"’. As soon as a user’s name is known to screen, he can attach to the session and (per default) has full permissions for all command and windows. Execution permission for the acl commands, at and others should also be removed or the user may be able to regain write permission. Chacl is a synonym to aclchg. Multi-user mode only.