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26.2 Compiling Screen

To compile and install screen:

The screen package comes with a GNU Autoconf configuration script. Before you compile the package run

sh ./configure

This will create a config.h and Makefile for your machine. If configure fails for some reason, then look at the examples and comments found in the and templates. Rename config.status to config.status.machine when you want to keep configuration data for multiple architectures. Running sh ./config.status.machine recreates your configuration significantly faster than rerunning configure.
Read through the "User Configuration" section of config.h, and verify that it suits your needs. A comment near the top of this section explains why it’s best to install screen setuid to root. Check for the place for the global screenrc-file and for the socket directory.
Check the compiler used in Makefile, the prefix path where to install screen. Then run


If make fails to produce one of the files term.h, comm.h or tty.c, then use filename.x.dist instead. For additional information about installation of screen refer to the file INSTALLATION, coming with this package.