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11.6 Info

Command: info

(C-a i, C-a C-i)
Uses the message line to display some information about the current window: the cursor position in the form ‘(column,row)’ starting with ‘(1,1)’, the terminal width and height plus the size of the scrollback buffer in lines, like in ‘(80,24)+50’, the current state of window XON/XOFF flow control is shown like this (see Flow Control):

  +flow     automatic flow control, currently on.
  -flow     automatic flow control, currently off.
  +(+)flow  flow control enabled. Agrees with automatic control.
  -(+)flow  flow control disabled. Disagrees with automatic control.
  +(-)flow  flow control enabled. Disagrees with automatic control.
  -(-)flow  flow control disabled. Agrees with automatic control.

The current line wrap setting (‘+wrap’ indicates enabled, ‘-wrap’ not) is also shown. The flags ‘ins’, ‘org’, ‘app’, ‘log’, ‘mon’ and ‘nored’ are displayed when the window is in insert mode, origin mode, application-keypad mode, has output logging, activity monitoring or partial redraw enabled.

The currently active character set (‘G0’, ‘G1’, ‘G2’, or ‘G3’), and in square brackets the terminal character sets that are currently designated as ‘G0’ through ‘G3’. If the window is in UTF-8 mode, the string ‘UTF-8’ is shown instead. Additional modes depending on the type of the window are displayed at the end of the status line (see Window Types).

If the state machine of the terminal emulator is in a non-default state, the info line is started with a string identifying the current state.

For system information use time.

Command: dinfo

Show what screen thinks about your terminal. Useful if you want to know why features like color or the alternate charset don’t work.

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