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10.7 Windows

Command: windows [ string ]

(C-a w, C-a C-w)
Uses the message line to display a list of all the windows. Each window is listed by number with the name of the program running in the window (or its title).

The current window is marked with a ‘*’; the previous window is marked with a ‘-’; all the windows that are logged in are marked with a ‘$’ (see Login); a background window that has received a bell is marked with a ‘!’; a background window that is being monitored and has had activity occur is marked with an ‘@’ (see Monitor); a window which has output logging turned on is marked with ‘(L)’; windows occupied by other users are marked with ‘&’ or ‘&&’ if the window is shared by other users; windows in the zombie state are marked with ‘Z’.

If this list is too long to fit on the terminal’s status line only the portion around the current window is displayed.

You can customize the output format to any string you like including string escapes (see String Escapes). In this case, if the string parameter is passed, the maximum output size is unlimited (instead of 1024 bytes if no parameter is passed).