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binary->list: Guile servers
binary->string: Guile servers
binary-char-ref: Guile servers
binary-char-set!: Guile servers
binary-concat!: Guile servers
binary-int-ref: Guile servers
binary-int-set!: Guile servers
binary-length: Guile servers
binary-long-ref: Guile servers
binary-long-set!: Guile servers
binary-ref: Guile servers
binary-reverse: Guile servers
binary-reverse!: Guile servers
binary-search: Guile servers
binary-set!: Guile servers
binary-short-ref: Guile servers
binary-short-set!: Guile servers
binary-subset: Guile servers
binary?: Guile servers
bind-servers!: Bind servers to ports
bind-tcp-port-range!: Bind servers to ports
bind-udp-port-range!: Bind servers to ports

check-oob-request: Guile servers
check-request: Guile servers
connect-socket: Guile servers
create-tcp-port!: Bind servers to ports
create-udp-port!: Bind servers to ports

define-servertype!: Guile servers
detect-proto: Guile servers
disconnected: Guile servers

embedding: Embedding
endrpcent: Bind servers to ports

finalize: Guile servers
fs: Bind servers to ports

getrpc: Guile servers
getrpcbyname: Bind servers to ports
getrpcbynumber: Bind servers to ports
getrpcent: Bind servers to ports
global-finalize: Guile servers
global-init: Guile servers

handle-request: Guile servers

idle: Guile servers
info-client: Guile servers
info-server: Guile servers
init: Guile servers
interface-add!: Bind servers to ports

kicked: Guile servers

libserveez-features: Guile servers
list->binary: Guile servers
loadpath-add!: Bind servers to ports

notify: Guile servers

portmap: Guile servers
portmap-list: Guile servers
println: Bind servers to ports
printsln: Bind servers to ports

reset: Guile servers

serveez-exceptions: Guile servers
serveez-interfaces: Guile servers
serveez-load: Bind servers to ports
serveez-loadpath: Guile servers
serveez-maxsockets: Bind servers to ports
serveez-nuke: Guile servers
serveez-passwd: Bind servers to ports
serveez-port?: Guile servers
serveez-server?: Guile servers
serveez-servertype?: Guile servers
serveez-verbosity: Bind servers to ports
setrpc: Guile servers
setrpcent: Bind servers to ports
string->binary: Guile servers
svz:coserver:dns: Guile servers
svz:coserver:ident: Guile servers
svz:coserver:reverse-dns: Guile servers
svz:read-file: Guile servers
svz:server:clients: Guile servers
svz:server:config-ref: Guile servers
svz:server:listeners: Guile servers
svz:server?: Guile servers
svz:sock:boundary: Guile servers
svz:sock:check-oob-request: Guile servers
svz:sock:check-request: Guile servers
svz:sock:connect: Guile servers
svz:sock:disconnected: Guile servers
svz:sock:final-print: Guile servers
svz:sock:find: Guile servers
svz:sock:floodprotect: Guile servers
svz:sock:handle-request: Guile servers
svz:sock:ident: Guile servers
svz:sock:idle: Guile servers
svz:sock:idle-counter: Guile servers
svz:sock:kicked: Guile servers
svz:sock:local-address: Guile servers
svz:sock:no-delay: Guile servers
svz:sock:parent: Guile servers
svz:sock:print: Guile servers
svz:sock:protocol: Guile servers
svz:sock:receive-buffer: Guile servers
svz:sock:receive-buffer-reduce: Guile servers
svz:sock:receive-buffer-size: Guile servers
svz:sock:referrer: Guile servers
svz:sock:remote-address: Guile servers
svz:sock:send-buffer: Guile servers
svz:sock:send-buffer-size: Guile servers
svz:sock:send-oob: Guile servers
svz:sock:server: Guile servers
svz:sock:trigger: Guile servers
svz:sock:trigger-condition: Guile servers
svz:sock?: Guile servers
svz_address_copy: svz_address_t
svz_address_family: svz_address_t
svz_address_make: svz_address_t
svz_address_same: svz_address_t
svz_address_to: svz_address_t
svz_array_add: Array
svz_array_create: Array
svz_array_del: Array
svz_array_destroy: Array
svz_array_foreach: Array
svz_array_get: Array
svz_array_set: Array
svz_array_size: Array
svz_atoi: Utility functions
svz_binding_contains_server: Server binding
svz_boot: Booting
svz_calloc: Memory management
svz_child_died: Server core
svz_close: Core functions
svz_closehandle: Pipe connections
svz_closesocket: Core functions
svz_codec_get: Codec functions
svz_codec_ratio: Codec functions
svz_codec_register: Codec functions
svz_codec_sock_detect: Codec functions
svz_codec_sock_disconnect: Codec functions
svz_codec_sock_receive: Codec functions
svz_codec_sock_receive_setup: Codec functions
svz_codec_sock_send: Codec functions
svz_codec_sock_send_setup: Codec functions
svz_codec_unregister: Codec functions
svz_collect: Server configuration
SVZ_COLLECT_INTARRAY: Server configuration
SVZ_COLLECT_STRARRAY: Server configuration
SVZ_COLLECT_STRHASH: Server configuration
SVZ_CONFIG_DEFINE: Macros for setting up a new server type
svz_config_free: Server configuration
svz_config_type_instantiate: Server configuration
svz_coserver_check: Coserver functions
svz_coserver_create: Coserver functions
svz_coserver_destroy: Coserver functions
svz_coserver_dns_invoke: Coserver functions
svz_coserver_ident_invoke: Coserver functions
svz_coserver_rdns_invoke: Coserver functions
svz_coserver_type_name: Coserver functions
svz_dynload_path_get: Dynamic server loading
svz_dynload_path_set: Dynamic server loading
svz_envblock_add: Passthrough connections
svz_envblock_create: Passthrough connections
svz_envblock_default: Passthrough connections
svz_envblock_destroy: Passthrough connections
svz_envblock_get: Passthrough connections
svz_envblock_setup: Passthrough connections
svz_fclose: Core functions
svz_fd_cloexec: Core functions
svz_fopen: Core functions
svz_foreach_codec: Codec functions
svz_foreach_coserver: Coserver functions
svz_foreach_interface: Interface
svz_foreach_server: Server functionality
svz_foreach_servertype: General server type functionality
svz_foreach_socket: Server core
svz_free: Memory management
svz_fstat: Core functions
svz_getcwd: Utility functions
svz_get_curalloc: Memory management
svz_halt: Booting
svz_hash_configure: Hashtable
svz_hash_contains: Hashtable
svz_hash_create: Hashtable
svz_hash_delete: Hashtable
svz_hash_destroy: Hashtable
svz_hash_exists: Hashtable
svz_hash_foreach: Hashtable
svz_hash_get: Hashtable
svz_hash_put: Hashtable
svz_hash_size: Hashtable
svz_hexdump: Utility functions
svz_icmp_connect: ICMP sockets
svz_icmp_send_control: ICMP sockets
svz_icmp_write: ICMP sockets
svz_inet_aton: Core functions
svz_inet_ntoa: Core functions
svz_interface_add: Interface
svz_invalidate_handle: Pipe connections
svz_invalid_handle_p: Pipe connections
svz_itoa: Utility functions
svz_library_features: Library features
svz_log: Utility functions
svz_log_net_error: Utility functions
svz_log_setfile: Utility functions
svz_log_sys_error: Utility functions
svz_loop: Server loop
svz_loop_one: Server loop
svz_loop_post: Server loop
svz_loop_pre: Server loop
svz_malloc: Memory management
svz_mingw_at_least_nt4_p: Utility functions
svz_mingw_child_dead_p: Passthrough connections
svz_most_recent_dead_child_p: Passthrough connections
svz_open: Core functions
svz_openfiles: Utility functions
svz_pipe_connect: Pipe connections
svz_pipe_create: Pipe connections
svz_pipe_create_pair: Pipe connections
svz_portcfg_add: Port config funcs
svz_portcfg_addr: Port config funcs
svz_portcfg_create: Port config funcs
svz_portcfg_destroy: Port config funcs
svz_portcfg_device: Port config funcs
svz_portcfg_dup: Port config funcs
svz_portcfg_equal: Port config funcs
svz_portcfg_get: Port config funcs
svz_portcfg_ipaddr: Port config funcs
svz_portcfg_mkaddr: Port config funcs
svz_portcfg_port: Port config funcs
SVZ_PP_ADDR: svz_address_t
svz_pp_address: svz_address_t
svz_pp_addr_port: svz_address_t
SVZ_PP_ADDR_PORT: svz_address_t
svz_pp_server_bindings: Server binding
svz_realloc: Memory management
SVZ_REGISTER_BOOL: Macros for setting up a new server type
SVZ_REGISTER_END: Macros for setting up a new server type
SVZ_REGISTER_HASH: Macros for setting up a new server type
SVZ_REGISTER_INT: Macros for setting up a new server type
SVZ_REGISTER_INTARRAY: Macros for setting up a new server type
SVZ_REGISTER_PORTCFG: Macros for setting up a new server type
SVZ_REGISTER_STR: Macros for setting up a new server type
SVZ_REGISTER_STRARRAY: Macros for setting up a new server type
svz_runparm: Booting
svz_sendfile: Core functions
svz_servertype_add: General server type functionality
svz_servertype_find: General server type functionality
svz_servertype_get: General server type functionality
svz_server_bind: Server binding
svz_server_clients: Server functionality
svz_server_find: Server functionality
svz_server_get: Server functionality
svz_server_listeners: Server binding
svz_server_portcfgs: Server binding
SVZ_SET_ADDR: svz_address_t
svz_set_mm_funcs: Memory management
svz_shutting_down_p: Server core
svz_socket_unavailable_error_p: Utility functions
svz_sock_check_request: Socket management
svz_sock_enqueue: Server core
svz_sock_find: Server core
svz_sock_getparent: Server core
svz_sock_getreferrer: Server core
svz_sock_nconnections: Socket management
svz_sock_portcfg: Server core
svz_sock_prefree: Socket management
svz_sock_prefree_fn: Socket management
svz_sock_printf: Socket management
svz_sock_process: Passthrough connections
svz_sock_reduce_recv: Socket management
svz_sock_reduce_send: Socket management
svz_sock_resize_buffers: Socket management
svz_sock_schedule_for_shutdown: Server core
svz_sock_servers: Server binding
svz_sock_setparent: Server core
svz_sock_setreferrer: Server core
svz_sock_write: Socket management
svz_strdup: Memory management
svz_sys_strerror: Utility functions
svz_sys_version: Utility functions
svz_tcp_connect: TCP sockets
svz_tcp_cork: Core functions
svz_tcp_nodelay: Core functions
svz_tcp_read_socket: TCP sockets
svz_tcp_send_oob: TCP sockets
svz_time: Utility functions
svz_tolower: Utility functions
svz_udp_connect: UDP sockets
svz_udp_write: UDP sockets
svz_updn_all_coservers: Coserver functions
svz_updn_all_servers: Server functionality
svz_uptime: Booting
svz_windoze_asc2uni: Windoze
svz_windoze_daemon_control: Windoze
svz_windoze_uni2asc: Windoze

trigger: Guile servers
trigger-condition: Guile servers

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