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1.5 Configuring Serveez

As noted above Serveez is configured via a configuration file which is by default serveez.cfg and can be set by passing the ‘-f’ command line argument. When you pipe a file into Serveez or pass the ‘-c’ argument on the command line the input stream will be used as configuration file no matter whether you passed a ‘-f’ command line switch or not.

To make configuring more fun we did not invent yet another configuration file format. Instead we use a dialect of the Scheme programming language called GNU Guile ( There is no need to be worried if you are not a programmer. What you have to do is really simple and this document shows you everything you need to know. We also provide many examples. However there are some simple concepts you have to understand. The following paragraphs will explain them.

The idea of the configuration file is this: Serveez starts, runs the configuration file (other applications usually just read them and remember the settings) and finally enters its main loop doing the things you wanted it to.

There are three things you have to do in the configuration file.