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actions of services: Defining Services
actor model, for services: Service Internals
assertions: Errors

canonical name of services: Defining Services
Configuration file: Jump Start
configuration file: Invoking shepherd
configuration file, examples: Service Examples
constructor of a service: Defining Services
constructors, generation of: Service De- and Constructors

daemon: herd and shepherd
daemon controller: herd and shepherd
deco, daemon controller: herd and shepherd
destructor of a service: Defining Services
destructors, generation of: Service De- and Constructors
disabled service: Service De- and Constructors
dmd: Introduction

endpoints, for inetd services: Service De- and Constructors
endpoints, for systemd services: Service De- and Constructors
evaluating code in shepherd: The root Service

fallback services: Jump Start

generating constructors: Service De- and Constructors
generating destructors: Service De- and Constructors
GOOPS, legacy interface: Legacy GOOPS Interface
graph of services: Defining Services
Guile: Introduction

herd: herd and shepherd
herd: Invoking herd
herd: Invoking reboot
herd: Invoking halt
herding, of daemons: herd and shepherd

inetd mode, example: Service Examples
inetd-style services: Service De- and Constructors
insecure: Invoking shepherd
invoking shepherd: Invoking shepherd

log file: Invoking shepherd
logging: Invoking shepherd

on-demand, starting services: Service De- and Constructors
on-demand, starting services: Service De- and Constructors
one-shot services: Defining Services
output: Communication

prefix: Jump Start
protocol, between shepherd and its clients: Communication

read-eval-print loop, REPL: REPL Service
relative file names: herd and shepherd
REPL, read-eval-print loop: REPL Service
replacement, or a service: Interacting with Services
respawn delay: Defining Services
respawn delay: Service De- and Constructors
respawn limit: Defining Services
respawn limit: Service De- and Constructors
respawning services: Defining Services
root service: The root Service

Scheme: Introduction
security: Invoking shepherd
service: Services
service actions: Defining Services
service manager: Introduction
service registry: Service Registry
Service status: Jump Start
shepherd: herd and shepherd
shepherd Invocation: Invoking shepherd
socket activation, starting services: Service De- and Constructors
socket special file: Invoking shepherd
special services: The root Service
Starting a service: Jump Start
starting a service: Defining Services
starting services, via socket activation: Service De- and Constructors
Status (of services): Jump Start
Stopping a service: Jump Start
stopping a service: Defining Services
syslog: Invoking shepherd
system errors: Errors
systemd-style services: Service De- and Constructors

termination of a service’s process: Defining Services
transient services: Defining Services

virtual services: Jump Start