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6.1 Errors

macro: assert expr

If expr yields #f, display an appropriate error message and throw an assertion-failed exception.

procedure: caught-error key args

Tell the Shepherd that a key error with args has occured. This is the simplest way to cause caught error result in uniformly formated warning messages. The current implementation is not very good, though.

procedure: call/cc proc

An alias for call-with-current-continuation.

procedure: call/ec proc

A simplistic implementation of the nonstandard, but popular procedure call-with-escape-continuation, i.e. a call/cc for outgoing continuations only. Note that the variant included in the Shepherd is not aware of dynamic-wind at all and does not yet support returning multiple values.

macro: without-system-error expr…

Evaluates the exprs, not going further if a system error occurs, but also doing nothing about it.