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3 Administration Manual

Here you will learn how to set up, run and maintain the Shishi Kerberos server. Kerberos is incompatible with the standard Unix /etc/passwd password database1, therefore the first step will be to create a Kerberos user database. Shishi's user database system is called Shisa. Once Shisa has been configured, you can then start the server and begin issuing Kerberos tickets to your users. The Shishi server is called shishid. After getting the server up and running, we discuss how you can set up multiple Kerberos servers, to increase availability or offer load-balancing. Finally, we include some information intended for developers, that will enable you to customize Shisa to use an external user database, such as a LDAP server or SQL database.


[1] And besides, Shishi is intended to work on non-Unix platforms as well.