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Introducing GNUzilla!

GNUzilla is the GNU/Linux truly free version of the ever popular Mozilla suite.

With the ever increasing popularity of the new mozilla-derived FireFox browser, the GNUzilla suite will provide its own version of this popular program, to be dubbed 'IceWeasel'. has put most of its effort in the development of FireFox and Thunderbird, much to the detriment of the Mozilla Application Suite.

Upon completion of GNUzilla's First Program Development (IceWeasel), we will secondly move right into the development of GNU/Linux version of the Mozilla Application Suite 'SeaMonkey', that will be called 'LessZilla'.

Countrary to some other Mozilla Source Builds, no proprietary software will be included, according and adhering to the GPL.


There is currently a test binary release for GNU/Linux / x86 32 bit available, as well as its corresponding source code. You can fetch all available releases with the following methods: [via FTP] [via HTTP]

cvs co gnuzilla [via anonymous CVS].

It can also be found on one of our FTP mirrors.


Documentation specific for GNUzilla is not available yet.

Mailing Lists

GNUzilla discussion takes place on the following mailing lists:

<> This is a mailing list for users where you can get help about using the software, and eventually suggest new features. Announcements for users are also posted to this list.
<> Found a bug? Report it in great detail at this address, trying to specify all the information that could be involved (platform, program version, build tools' version if building from source code).
<> and finally, this is the list where all developers discuss about the current and future development for GNUzilla.

To subscribe to any GNUzilla mailing list, please send an empty mail with a Subject: header line of just "subscribe" to the relevant -request list. For example, to subscribe yourself to the bug list, you would send mail to <> with no body and a Subject: header line of just "subscribe".

Please remember that development of GNUzilla is a volunteer effort, and you can also contribute to its development. For information about contributing to the GNU Project, please read How to help GNU.

Report a Bug

If you think you have found a bug in GNUzilla, then you should send as detailed a report as possible to <>.
Try to specify all the information that could be involved (platform, program version, build tools' versions if building from source code).


GNUzilla is currently being maintained by Giuseppe Scrivano <>.