Source-highlight Library
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NsrchiliteC++ class: doctemplate.h
 CBufferedOutputThe main class for writing into the output
 CCharTranslatorTranslates specific character sequences into corresponding ones; it can also use regular expression for the characters to be translated
 CColorMapSimple map for colors (maps a color constant string to the corresponding color of the output format)
 CCTagsCollectorCollects the tags information generated by the ctags program for a given word
 CCTagsFormatterFormatter for information gathered from ctags
 CCTagsFormatterResultsStores the result of the CTagsFormatter
 CCTagsInfoInformation about a tag
 CCTagsManagerTakes care of running ctags and to generate a CTagsFormmatter
 CDebugListenerImplementation of highlight events that prints debug information
 CDocGeneratorGiven a DocTemplate it generates the start of the document and the end, using variables such as title, file_name, header, etc
 CEventGeneratorA generic event generator, for listeners of type EventListener and events of type EventType
 CFileInfoInformation about the file we are processing
 CFormatterThe base abstract class for formatting strings
 CFormatterFactoryThe generic abstract factory to create Formatter objects, during the parsing of style files
 CFormatterManagerAssociates to an element name the corresponding formatter
 CFormatterParamsAdditional parameters that can be passed to a formatter
 CHighlightEventEvent concerning an highlighting operation (e.g., formatting, entering a new state, exiting a state, etc.)
 CHighlightEventListenerBase class for listeners of HighlightEvent
 CHighlightRuleBase class for highlight rules
 CHighlightRuleFactoryAbstract factory for highlighting rules
 CHighlightStateRepresents a state during the highlighting (e.g., comment state, string state, etc.)
 CHighlightStateBuilderBuilds an HighlightState from the language definition file collected structures
 CHighlightStatePrinterPrints an HighlightState (and all its rules)
 CHighlightTokenToken containing information for performing the highlight
 CInstancesThis class contains static and singleton instances for some utility classes for LangDefManagers, LangMap, etc
 CIOExceptionException representing an error in an input/output operation
 CLangDefManagerHandles langdef language definition files
 CLangElemsCollection of LangElem objects
 CLangElemsPrinterPrints all the language elements
 CLangMapA map stored in a file with the format key = elem
 CLanguageInferTries to infer the language by inspecting the input file
 CLineBufferA buffer for a line to be generated
 CLineNumGeneratorGenerates line numbers in the output
 CLineRangesFunctionalities for detecting whether a line is in one of the stored line ranges (or in the context of a range)
 CMatchingParametersStructure for passing parameters to the matching algorithm, for instance, "not beginning of line", etc
 CNamedSubExpsLangElemAn element with subparts (subexpressions), each with a possible different name
 CParserExceptionRepresents an exception during parsing, for instance, syntax errors
 CParserInfoStores information about the file name and the line number of a generic element created during parsing
 CPreFormatterPreformats text to be generated
 CRefEntryInternal struct to store information about references
 CRegexHighlightRuleAn implementation of HighlightRule using Boost regex library
 CRegexPreProcessorPreprocess a regular expression, e.g., transform "()" into "(?:)"
 CRegexRangesStores possible separators implemented as regular expressions and provides functionalities to search for such occurrences in lines
 CRegexRuleFactoryImplementation of the abstract factory, creating highlighting rules based on boost::regex regular expressions
 CSettingsHandles the settings for source-highlight (and its library)
 CSourceFileHighlighterHighlights the contents of a file relying on a SourceHighlighter
 CSourceHighlightThe main class performing highlighting of an input file generating an output file
 CSourceHighlighterThe main class performing the highlighting of a single line
 CSourceHighlightUtilsClass with some utility static methods
 CStateLangElemLanguage element that introduces a new state pattern Composite
 CStateStartLangElemA language element that may start a new state/environment
 CStopWatchRecords elapsed time
 CStringDefRepresent a string for a language definition file's element
 CStringDefsA collection (list) of StringDef's
 CStringListLangElemA language element consisting of a list of strings
 CStringTableStores dynamically allocated strings (used by the scanners), so that, later on, we can easily free all the memory for these strings
 CStyleFileParserA utility class with static methods to parse style files
 CTextStyleRepresents a formatting template where there can be some variables (starting with $, e.g., $style, $text, etc.) that will be replaced with specific elements, e.g., the actual style for the formatting, the text to format, etc
 CTextStyleBuilderGiven TextStyle objects build a new one, adding a starting part, and ending part, and separating them
 CTextStyleFormatterAn implementation of Formatter, based on source-highlight TextStyle
 CTextStyleFormatterFactoryGenerates TextStyleFormatters based on TextStyles
 CTextStylesContains TextStyle objects for all formats (e.g., bold, italics, etc), and other templates (e.g., for the document header, etc.); it also contains the color map and the char translator
 CUntabifierPerFormratter to convert tabs to spaces before generation
 CUtilsGeneric utils functions (e.g., string manipulation)
 CVarDefinitionsStore definitions of strings and regular expressions representing language elements
 CVerbosityUtility class to output messages in case of verbose option is requested
 CVersionsUtility functions for version numbers
 CWordTokenizerTokenizes a paragraph separating words from spaces