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3.9.2 Keywords applicable for tar --create

The following keywords control messages that can be issued while creating archives.

warning: cachedir

%s: contains a cache directory tag %s; %s

warning: file-shrank

%s: File shrank by %s bytes; padding with zeros

warning: xdev

%s: file is on a different filesystem; not dumped

warning: file-ignored

%s: Unknown file type; file ignored
%s: socket ignored
%s: door ignored

warning: file-unchanged

%s: file is unchanged; not dumped

warning: ignore-archive

%s: archive cannot contain itself; not dumped

warning: file-removed

%s: File removed before we read it

warning: file-changed

%s: file changed as we read it

Suppresses warnings about read failures, which can occur if files or directories are unreadable, or if they change while being read. This keyword applies only if used together with the ‘--ignore-failed-read’ option. See section Ignore Failed Read.

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