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5.4.2 Magnetic Tape Control

Backup scripts access tape device using special hook functions. These functions take a single argument — the name of the tape device. Their names are kept in the following variables:

Backup variable: MT_BEGIN

The name of begin function. This function is called before accessing the drive. By default it retensions the tape:


mt_begin() {
    mt -f "$1" retension
Backup variable: MT_REWIND

The name of rewind function. The default definition is as follows:


mt_rewind() {
    mt -f "$1" rewind
Backup variable: MT_OFFLINE

The name of the function switching the tape off line. By default it is defined as follows:


mt_offline() {
    mt -f "$1" offl
Backup variable: MT_STATUS

The name of the function used to obtain the status of the archive device, including error count. Default definition:


mt_status() {
    mt -f "$1" status

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