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19.6 Invoking pod2texi: Convert POD to Texinfo

The pod2texi program translates Perl pod documentation file(s) to Texinfo. There are two basic modes of operation: generating a standalone manual from each input pod, or (if --base-level=1 or higher is given) generating Texinfo subfiles suitable for use with @include.

Although ordinarily this documentation in the Texinfo manual would be the best place to look, in this case we have documented all the options and examples in the pod2texi program itself, since it may be useful outside of the rest of Texinfo. Thus, please see the output of pod2texi --help, the version on the web at, etc.

For an example of using pod2texi to make Texinfo out of the Perl documentation itself, see contrib/perldoc-all in the Texinfo source distribution.