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4.2 Choosing Node Names

The name of a node identifies the node. For all the details of node names, see Node Line Requirements).

Here are some suggestions for node names:

Because node names are used in cross-references, it is not desirable to casually change them once published. Such name changes invalidate references from other manuals, from mail archives, and so on. See HTML Xref Link Preservation.

The pointers from a given node enable you to reach other nodes and consist simply of the names of those nodes. The pointers are usually not specified explicitly, as makeinfo can determine them (see makeinfo Pointer Creation).

Normally, a node’s ‘Up’ pointer contains the name of the node whose menu mentions that node. The node’s ‘Next’ pointer contains the name of the node that follows the present node in that menu and its ‘Previous’ pointer contains the name of the node that precedes it in that menu. When a node’s ‘Previous’ node is the same as its ‘Up’ node, both pointers name the same node.

Usually, the first node of a Texinfo file is the ‘Top’ node, and its ‘Up’ pointer points to the dir file, which contains the main menu for all of Info.

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