1.4 Printed Books

A Texinfo file can be formatted and typeset as a printed book or manual. To do this, you need TeX, a sophisticated typesetting program written by Donald Knuth of Stanford University. It is not part of the Texinfo distribution.

Texinfo provides a file texinfo.tex that contains the definitions that TeX uses when it typesets a Texinfo file. You can get the latest version of texinfo.tex from the Texinfo home page, http://www.gnu.org/software/texinfo/.

A Texinfo-based book is similar to any other typeset, printed work: it can have a title page, copyright page, table of contents, and preface, as well as chapters, numbered or unnumbered sections and subsections, page headers, cross-references, footnotes, and indices.

TeX is very powerful and has a great many features. However, because a Texinfo file must be able to present information both on a character-only terminal in Info form and in a typeset book, the formatting commands that Texinfo supports are necessarily limited.

See Formatting and Printing with TeX, for more information on processing a manual with TeX.