D.10.4 Finding Badly Referenced Nodes

You can use the Info-validate command to check whether any of the ‘Next’, ‘Previous’, ‘Up’ or other node pointers fail to point to a node. This command checks that every node pointer points to an existing node. The Info-validate command works only on Info files, not on Texinfo files.

The texi2any program validates pointers automatically, so you do not need to use the Info-validate command if you are using texi2any. With the customization variable CHECK_NORMAL_MENU_STRUCTURE set, texi2any will also warn if the nodes pointers (either explicitly or automatically set) are not consistent with the order of node menu entries. texi2any does not check that every ‘Next’ pointer is matched by a ‘Previous’ (in the node where the ‘Next’ points) which points back, since it may be correct for a non standard document structure.

You only may need to use Info-validate if you are unable to run texi2any and instead must create an Info file using texinfo-format-region or texinfo-format-buffer, or if you write an Info file from scratch.