2.10 The ‘Top’ Node and Master Menu

The ‘Top’ node is the node in which a reader enters an Info manual. As such, it should contain a very brief description of the manual (including the version number). The contents of the ‘Top’ node do not appear in printed output nor in DocBook output.

It is conventional to write a @top sectioning command line containing the title of the document immediately after the @node Top line (see The @top Sectioning Command).

We repeat the short description from the beginning of the ‘@copying’ text, but there’s no need to repeat the copyright information, so we don’t use ‘@insertcopying’ here.

The ‘Top’ node contains a top-level menu listing the chapters, and possibly a detailed menu listing all the nodes in the entire document.

@node Top
@top Short Sample

This is a short sample Texinfo file.

* First Chapter::    The first chapter is the
                       only chapter in this sample.
* Index::            Complete index.
@end menu