12.4 @allowcodebreaks: Control Line Breaks in @code

Ordinarily, TeX considers breaking lines at ‘-’ and ‘_’ characters within @code and related commands (see @code{sample-code}), more or less as if they were “empty” hyphenation points.

This is necessary since many manuals, especially for Lisp-family languages, must document very long identifiers. On the other hand, some manuals don’t have this problem, and you may not wish to allow a line break at the underscore in, for example, SIZE_MAX, or even worse, after any of the four underscores in __typeof__.

So Texinfo provides this command:

@allowcodebreaks false

to prevent from breaking at ‘-’ or ‘_’ within @code. You can go back to allowing such breaks with @allowcodebreaks true. Write these commands on lines by themselves.

These commands can be given anywhere in the document. For example, you may have just one problematic paragraph where you need to turn off the breaks, but want them in general, or vice versa.

This command has no effect except in TeX output.