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10.13 @raggedright: Ragged Right Text

The @raggedright fills text as usual, but the text is only justified on the left; the right margin is ragged. The command is written on a line of its own, without braces. The @raggedright command is ended by @end raggedright on a line of its own. This command has no effect in Info and HTML output, where text is always set ragged right.

The @raggedright command can be useful with paragraphs containing lists of commands with long names, when it is known in advance that justifying the text on both margins will make the paragraph look bad.

For example,

Commands for double and single angle quotation marks:
@code{@@guillemetleft@{@}}, @code{@@guillemetright@{@}},
@code{@@guillemotleft@{@}}, @code{@@guillemotright@{@}},
@code{@@guilsinglleft@{@}}, @code{@@guilsinglright@{@}}.
@end raggedright