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5.6 @section: Sections Below Chapters

An @section command identifies a section within a chapter unit, whether created with @chapter, @unnumbered, or @appendix, following the numbering scheme of the chapter-level command. Thus, within a @chapter chapter numbered ‘1’, the sections are numbered ‘1.1’, ‘1.2’, etc.; within an @appendix “chapter” labeled ‘A’, the sections are numbered ‘A.1’, ‘A.2’, etc.; within an @unnumbered chapter, the section gets no number. The output is underlined with ‘=’ in Info and plain text.

To make a section, write the @section command at the beginning of a line and follow it on the same line by the section title. For example,

@section This is a section

might produce the following in Info:

5.7 This is a section

Section titles are listed in the table of contents.

The TeX, HTML, Docbook, and XML output is all analogous to the chapter-level output, just “one level down”; see @chapter.