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19.4.5 latex2html Customization Variables

This table lists the customization variables which can be used when latex2html is being used.


For HTML. If set, latex2html is used to convert @math and @tex sections; default false. Best used with --iftex.


(Relevant only if L2H is set.) If set, the intermediate files generated in relation with latex2html are removed; default true.


(Relevant only if L2H is set.) If set, the given file is used as latex2html’s init file; default unset.


(Relevant only if L2H is set.) The HTML version used in the latex2html call; default unset.


(Relevant only if L2H is set.) The program invoked as latex2html; default is latex2html.


(Relevant only if L2H is set.) If set to a true value, the actual call to latex2html is skipped; previously generated content is reused instead. If set to 0, the cache is not used at all. If set to ‘undef’, the cache is used for as many TeX fragments as possible and for any remaining the command is run. The default is ‘undef’.


(Relevant only if L2H is set.) Set the directory used for temporary files. None of the file name components in this directory name may start with ‘.’; otherwise, latex2html will fail (because of dvips). The default is the empty string, which means the current directory.

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