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A.16.2 rdiff examples

Suppose you receive mail from asking for an update from release 1.2 to 1.4 of the tc compiler. You have no such patches on hand, but with CVS that can easily be fixed with a command such as this:

$ cvs rdiff -c -r FOO1_2 -r FOO1_4 tc | \
> Mail -s 'The patches you asked for'

Suppose you have made release 1.3, and forked a branch called ‘R_1_3fix’ for bug fixes. ‘R_1_3_1’ corresponds to release 1.3.1, which was made some time ago. Now, you want to see how much development has been done on the branch. This command can be used:

$ cvs patch -s -r R_1_3_1 -r R_1_3fix module-name
cvs rdiff: Diffing module-name
File ChangeLog,v changed from revision to
File foo.c,v changed from revision to
File bar.h,v changed from revision to 1.2