ASEAN (Association of South-East Asean Nations) Chess

Initial setup

d1, e8: King
e1, d8: Ferz
a1, a8, h1, h8: Rook
c1, c8, f1, f8: Elephant
b1, b8, g1, g8: Knight
a3-h3, a6-h6: Pawns

Moves at a Glance

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Sliding capture or non-capture,
can be blocked on any square along the ray
Unblockable leap (capture or non-capture)
Non-capture only
Capture only


Piece ID value Moves (Betza notation) Remarks
King K - K
Ferz Q 1.5 F With Cambodian rules its first move can also be two steps forward
Rook R 5 R
Elephant B 2.5 FfW
Knight N 3.25 N
Pawn P 1 mfWcfF Promotes to Ferz on reaching last rank

Pawn peculiarities

General rules

Differences with FIDE

The Queen and Bishops are replaced by Ferz and Elephant. Pawns start on the third rank. Promotion always to Ferz.

Strategy issues

It is not possible to force checkmate on a bare King with just a single Ferz, Elephant or Knight (in addition to your own King). Two Knights or two Ferzes cannot do it either.