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Issue #57

[ JaxoDraw, Mom, Study about "Hacker Ethics", World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), Essential Benchmarks, Coin slots in hotel rooms? ]

Issue #56

[ Screenhack, Call for help from Bangladesh, Financial database in Bangladesh, UNO summit about the Information Society, More PrepComs, Also good news, Limited Intellectual Monopolies ]

Issue #55

[ Free Documentation, GNU Press, Green Tea Press, Network Theory, Other Publishers, Copy vs. Create?, Equalization as Problem, GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL), ]

Issue #54

[ Simple Security Policy Editor (SSPE), UK Free Software Network (UKFSN), Free Software in Science ]

Issue #53

[ UDPKIT, World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), Intersessional Meeting in Paris, Communication Rights?, Industrial Information Control, You are needed, ]

Issue #52

[ Sede, Online Voting: Sense or Nonsense?, Storebackup ]

Issue #51 -- 11.07.2003

[ Drivers for Free Software, Database for Free Software drivers, libQGLViewer, Introduction Copyright, Free Software Licensing, Questions about the FLA ]

Issue #50 -- 11.06.2003

[ LAoE, Apvsys, pyDDR, Free Software Directory ]

Issue #49 -- 06.05.2003

[ Skidbladnir, Lush, jMax, Java dependencies, pyMax ]

Issue #48 -- 05.03.2003

[ MagiConf, Moon-Buggy, cdcover, GeniusTrader, Fiduciary Licence Agreement (FLA), Free Software Laptops, Four years Brave GNU World ]

Issue #47 -- 03.02.2003

[ Twin, C++ Packages, Yacc/Lex--, Readline--, Option--, Thread--, 6th EC Framework Progamme, TUX&GNU@school ]

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