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12.1 Hosting for Web Pages

The best way to maintain the web pages for your project is to register the project on Then you can edit the pages using CVS, using the separate “web pages repository” available on Savannah, which corresponds to ‘’. You can keep your source files there too (using any of a variety of version control systems), but you can use only for your web pages if you wish; simply register a “web-only” project.

If you don’t want to use that method, please talk with about other possible methods. For instance, you can mail them pages to install, if necessary. But that is more work for them, so please use Savannah if you can.

Please note that the GNU webmasters may fix technical details in your web pages (HTML, CSS, obvious typos, broken links in the footer, etc.) and inform you of the change afterwards.

If you use Savannah, you can use a special file named .symlinks in order to create symbolic links, which are not supported in CVS. For details, see