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12.2 Freedom for Web Pages

If you use a site other than, please make sure that the site runs on free software alone. (It is ok if the site uses unreleased custom software, since that is free in a trivial sense: there’s only one user and it has the four freedoms.) If the web site for a GNU package runs on non-free software, the public will see this, and it will have the effect of granting legitimacy to the non-free program.

If you use multiple sites, they should all follow that criterion. Please don’t link to a site that is about your package, which the public might perceive as connected with it and reflecting the position of its developers, unless it follows that criterion.

Please make sure it is possible to use the web site fully using the Lynx browser, and with the IceCat browser with LibreJS enabled. It should work both with Tor and without Tor. Of course, it is desirable for the site to support as many other browsers as possible.

Historically, web pages for GNU packages did not include GIF images, because of patent problems (see Ethical and Philosophical Consideration). Although the GIF patents expired in 2006, using GIF images is still not recommended, as the PNG and JPEG formats are generally superior. See

Please make sure that any Javascript code in your web pages is covered by a free license, and has its license indicated in a way LibreJS can recognize. See If the Javascript in the page is minified, or for any other reason is not the source code, it must point to its source code as described there.

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