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12.3 Manuals on Web Pages

The web pages for the package should include its manuals, in HTML, DVI, Info, PDF, plain ASCII, and the source Texinfo. All of these can be generated automatically from Texinfo using Makeinfo and other programs. If the Texinfo itself is generated from some other source format, include that too.

When there is only one manual, put it in a subdirectory called manual; the file manual/index.html should have a link to the manual in each of its forms.

If the package has more than one manual, put each one in a subdirectory of manual, set up index.html in each subdirectory to link to that manual in all its forms, and make manual/index.html link to each manual through its subdirectory.

See the section below for details on a script to make the job of creating all these different formats and index pages easier.

We would like to list all GNU manuals on the page, so if yours isn’t there, please send mail to, asking them to add yours, and they will do so based on the contents of your manual directory.