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#endif, commenting: Comments

--help’ output: --help
--version’ output: --version
-Wall’ compiler option: Syntactic Conventions

accepting contributions: Contributions
address for bug reports: --help
ANSI C standard: Standard C
arbitrary limits on data: Semantics
ASCII characters: Character Set
autoconf: System Portability
avoiding proprietary code: Reading Non-Free Code

batch of changes, in a change log: Change Log Concepts
behavior, dependent on program’s name: User Interfaces
binary packages: Install Command Categories
bindir: Directory Variables
braces, in C source: Formatting
bug reports: --help email address: Preface

C compatibility: Compatibility
C library functions, and portability: System Functions
canonical name of a program: --version
casting pointers to integers: CPU Portability
CGI programs, standard options for: Command-Line Interfaces
change logs: Change Logs
change logs, conditional changes: Conditional Changes
change logs, style: Style of Change Logs
changeset, in a change log: Change Log Concepts
character set: Character Set
clang: Syntactic Conventions
command-line arguments, decoding: Semantics
command-line interface: Command-Line Interfaces
commenting: Comments
compatibility with C and POSIX standards: Compatibility
compiler warnings: Syntactic Conventions
conditional changes, and change logs: Conditional Changes
conditionals, comments for: Comments
configure: Configuration
control-L: Formatting
conventions for makefiles: Makefile Conventions
CORBA: Graphical Interfaces
credits for manuals: Manual Credits

D-bus: Graphical Interfaces
data structures, in Gnulib: System Functions
data types, and portability: CPU Portability
description, change log entry: Change Log Concepts
directories, creating installation: Directory Variables
documentation: Documentation
doschk: Names
double quote: Quote Characters
downloading this manual: Preface
dynamic plug-ins: Dynamic Plug-In Interfaces

encodings: Character Set
enum types, formatting: Formatting
error messages: Semantics
error messages, formatting: Errors
error messages, in Gnulib: System Functions
exec_prefix: Directory Variables
expressions, splitting: Formatting

FDL, GNU Free Documentation License: GNU Free Documentation License
file usage: File Usage
file-name limitations: Names
formatting error messages: Errors
formatting source code: Formatting
formfeed: Formatting
function argument, declaring: Syntactic Conventions
function definitions, formatting: Formatting
function prototypes: Standard C

getopt: Command-Line Interfaces
gettext: Internationalization
GNOME: Graphical Interfaces
GNOME and Guile: Source Language
Gnulib: System Functions
gnustandards project repository: Preface mailing list: Preface
GNUstep: Graphical Interfaces
graphical user interface: Graphical Interfaces
grave accent: Quote Characters
GTK+: Graphical Interfaces
Guile: Source Language

header line, change log entry: Change Log Concepts

implicit int: Syntactic Conventions
impossible conditions: Semantics
installation directories, creating: Directory Variables
installations, staged: DESTDIR
interface styles: Graphical Interfaces
internationalization: Internationalization

keyboard interface: Graphical Interfaces

LDAP: OID Allocations
left quote: Quote Characters
legal aspects: Legal Issues
legal papers: Contributions
length of source lines: Formatting
libexecdir: Directory Variables
libiconv: Semantics
libraries: Libraries
library functions, and portability: System Functions
library interface: Graphical Interfaces
license for manuals: License for Manuals
line length: Formatting
lint: Syntactic Conventions
locale-specific quote characters: Quote Characters
long option names: Option Table
long-named options: Command-Line Interfaces

makefile, conventions for: Makefile Conventions
malloc return value: Semantics
man pages: Man Pages
manual structure: Manual Structure Details
memory allocation failure: Semantics
memory leak: Memory Usage
memory usage: Memory Usage
message text, and internationalization: Internationalization
mmap: Mmap
multiple variables in a line: Syntactic Conventions

names of variables, functions, and files: Names
NEWS file: NEWS File
non-ASCII characters: Character Set
non-POSIX systems, and portability: System Portability
non-standard extensions: Using Extensions
NUL characters: Semantics

OID allocations for GNU: OID Allocations
open brace: Formatting
opening quote: Quote Characters
optional features, configure-time: Configuration
options for compatibility: Compatibility
options, standard command-line: Command-Line Interfaces
output device and program’s behavior: User Interfaces

packaging: Releases
PATH_INFO, specifying standard options as: Command-Line Interfaces
plug-ins: Dynamic Plug-In Interfaces
plugin_is_GPL_compatible: Dynamic Plug-In Interfaces
portability, and data types: CPU Portability
portability, and library functions: System Functions
portability, between system types: System Portability
POSIX compatibility: Compatibility
POSIX functions, and portability: System Functions
POSIXLY_CORRECT, environment variable: Compatibility
post-installation commands: Install Command Categories
pre-installation commands: Install Command Categories
prefix: Directory Variables
program configuration: Configuration
program design: Design Advice
program name and its behavior: User Interfaces
program’s canonical name: --version
programming languages: Source Language
proprietary programs: Reading Non-Free Code

quote characters: Quote Characters

README file: Releases
references to non-free material: References
releasing: Managing Releases
right quote: Quote Characters

Savannah repository for gnustandards: Preface
sbindir: Directory Variables
signal handling: Semantics
single quote: Quote Characters
SNMP: OID Allocations
software forensics, and change logs: Change Logs
spaces before open-paren: Formatting
staged installs: DESTDIR
standard command-line options: Command-Line Interfaces
standards for makefiles: Makefile Conventions
struct types, formatting: Formatting
syntactic conventions: Syntactic Conventions

table of long options: Option Table
temporary files: Semantics
temporary variables: Syntactic Conventions
texinfo.tex, in a distribution: Releases
title, change log entry: Change Log Concepts
TMPDIR environment variable: Semantics
trademarks: Trademarks

user interface styles: Graphical Interfaces

valgrind: Memory Usage
VCS: Change Logs
version control system, for keeping change logs: Change Logs
version numbers, for releases: Releases

where to obtain standards.texi: Preface

X.509: OID Allocations
xmalloc, in Gnulib: System Functions

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