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4.11 OID Allocations

The OID (object identifier) has been assigned to the GNU Project (thanks to Sergey Poznyakoff). These are used for SNMP, LDAP, X.509 certificates, and so on. The web site has a (voluntary) listing of many OID assignments.

If you need a new slot for your GNU package, write Here is a list of arcs currently assigned: GNU GNU Radius GnuPG   notation pkaAddress GNU Radar GNU GSS GNU Mailutils GNU Shishi GNU Radio GNU Dico GNU Rush digestAlgorithm TIGER/192 encryptionAlgorithm Serpent Serpent-128-ECB Serpent-128-CBC Serpent-128-OFB Serpent-128-CFB Serpent-192-ECB Serpent-192-CBC Serpent-192-OFB Serpent-192-CFB Serpent-256-ECB Serpent-256-CBC Serpent-256-OFB Serpent-256-CFB CRC algorithms CRC 32 ellipticCurve Ed25519