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4.1.2 Sending Data

Data packets are sent through the method putData, that takes as first parameter the RTP timestamp for the data specified as second parameter. ccRTP handles the random offset for the RTP timestamp internally, so the timestamp value that corresponds to the session creation time is 0.

By default, the marker bit of the sent packets is not set. Its value for the next packet (the one that will convey the data provided in the next call to putData) can be set through the setMark method, which takes a boolean as argument.

ccRTP also supports fragmenting data blocks into several RTP packets. The setMaxSendSegmentSize method can be used to request that no RTP packet be transmitted with a payload length greater than the value specified through setMaxSendSegmentSize. The default value of this parameter can be retrieved via getDefaultMaxSendSegmentSize, which currently should return 65536. When data blocks greater than the maximum segment size are provided through putData, two or more packet will be inserted in the outgoing packet queue. All these packets but the last one will have length equal to the maximum segment size, whereas the last one's size will be lower or equal to the maximum segment size.