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GNU JavaMail is a free implementation of the JavaMail API specification, version 1.3. All the code has been written from scratch without reference to Sun's code, which allows GNU JavaMail to be used on a completely free operating system such as GNU/Linux or the Hurd. The code is optimized to work with free Java implementations, nothing prevents it from being used with any compliant JVM.

GNU JavaMail provides a protocol-independent framework for building mail client applications in Java. The API itself provides a complete MIME implementation, and drivers for individual messaging protocols, known as providers, can be plugged into the JavaMail framework dynamically. Several providers, implementing Internet standard protocols, are included with GNU JavaMail. These include:

All these providers are feature-complete, and provide cryptographically secure access where relevant. However, if you don't see the provider or feature you need, sign up and help us develop it!.


The current stable release of GNU JavaMail is version 1.1.2, available here.

You also need the current versions of GNU JAF and GNU inetlib to build it.

Alternatively you can retrieve the current sources via CVS here, module mail.

API and provider documentation

You can build the API and provider documentation yourself or browse it online here (no frames).

Help wanted

Development of GNU JavaMail is a volunteer effort, and you can also contribute. We need help to test the current code and manage future developments. Please contact Chris Burdess if you're interested in contributing.

Mailing lists

The main discussion list is <>, which is used to discuss all aspects of GNU JavaMail including development and porting. Please send any bugs reports to this list. Announcements about all ClasspathX projects are made on the <> mailing list.

To subscribe to any GNU mailing list, please send an empty mail with a subject header of just "subscribe" to the relevant -request address.

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