7.1. Standard Method Combination [sec_7-6-6-2]

Generic function CLOS:NO-PRIMARY-METHOD (similar to NO-APPLICABLE-METHOD) is called when there is an applicable method but no applicable primary method.

The default methods for CLOS:NO-PRIMARY-METHOD, NO-APPLICABLE-METHOD and NO-NEXT-METHOD SIGNAL an ERROR of type CLOS:METHOD-CALL-ERROR . You can find out more information about the error using functions CLOS:METHOD-CALL-ERROR-GENERIC-FUNCTION, CLOS:METHOD-CALL-ERROR-ARGUMENT-LIST, and (only for NO-NEXT-METHOD) CLOS:METHOD-CALL-ERROR-METHOD. Moreover, when the generic function has only one dispatching argument, (i.e., such an argument that not all the corresponding parameter specializers are T), an ERROR of type CLOS:METHOD-CALL-TYPE-ERROR is SIGNALed, additionally making TYPE-ERROR-DATUM and TYPE-ERROR-EXPECTED-TYPE available.

These notes document CLISP version 2.49Last modified: 2010-07-07