Bayonne2 / Common C++ 2 Framework
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Todo List
Class Conditional
implement in win32
Class Participant
implement reference counting from sources, so that when a source is destroyed, we know if the Participant should be destroyed.
Global QueueRTCPManager::computeRTCPInterval ()
make it more flexible as recommended in the draft. For now, we have setMinRTCPInterval.
Global QueueRTCPManager::expireSSRCs ()
implement it. It may be dangerous and anyway should be optional.
Global RandomFile::setCompletion (Complete mode)
implement in win32
Global RTPDataQueue::setTypeOfService (Tos tos)
Implement fair competition with tcp
Global RTPDataQueue::Tos
implement fair competition with tcp
Global Thread::cancelManual
Global Thread::Thread (const Thread &th)
implement in win32
Global UDPSocket::getInterfaceIndex (const char *ethX, int &InterfaceIndex)
Win32 and ipv6 specific implementation.
Global UDPSocket::join (const IPV4Multicast &ia, int InterfaceIndex)
Win32 and ipv6 specific implementation.