Bayonne2 / Common C++ 2 Framework
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File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
o*address.hNetwork addresses and sockets related classes
o*applog.hApplication logging facilities abstraction
o*audio2.hFramework for portable audio processing and file handling classes
o*base.hBase elements for RTP stacks: constants, types and global functions
o*buffer.hObject passing services between threads
o*channel.hDefinition of socket classes for different underlying transport and/or network protocols that can be used to instantiate the TRTPSessionBase template
o*cmdoptns.hCommand line option parsing interface
o*common.hGNU Common C++ global header
o*counter.hGeneric automatic counter data type template class
o*cqueue.hGeneric RTCP control queues
o*digest.hDigest algorithms: checksum, CRC and MD5
o*exception.hGNU Common C++ exception model base classes
o*export.hExport/import definitions for DLL's on Win32
o*ext.hCcRTP Stack extensions
o*file.hFiles and dynamic loader services
o*formats.hPayload types and formats
o*ioqueue.hGeneric RTP input/output queues
o*iqueue.hGeneric RTP input queues
o*mime.hMIME document abstractions
o*misc.hMemory management, configuration keydata objects and string tokenizer
o*missing.hSubstitute functions which may be missing in target platform libc
o*network.hNetwork subsystem and device interface related classes
o*numbers.hNumbers and dates manipulation
o*objcount.hTemplate for object which holds self count of instances
o*object.hSome object manipulation classes for smart pointers, linked lists, etc
o*objlink.hTemplate for creating linked list of objects with lookup
o*objmap.hTemplate for creating hash indexed objects
o*objsync.hTemplate for creating objects that share a global mutex
o*oqueue.hGeneric RTP output queues
o*persist.hPersistence library classes
o*pointer.hTemplate for creating reference count managed smart pointers
o*pool.hPools of RTP sessions
o*process.hProcess services
o*queuebase.hBase classes for RTP queues
o*rtcppkt.hRTCP packets handling
o*rtp.hGeneric and audio/video profile specific RTP interface of ccRTP
o*rtppkt.hRTP packets handling
o*script3.hThreaded step execute scripting engine framework
o*serial.hSerial I/O services
o*slog.hSystem logging facilities abstraction
o*socket.hNetwork addresses and sockets related classes
o*socketport.hNetwork service framework and design pattern
o*sources.hSources of synchronization and participants related clases
o*strchar.hCommon and portable character string related functions
o*string.hCommon C++ generic string class
o*template.hGNU Common C++ template subsystem
o*thread.hSynchronization and threading services
o*tokenizer.hString tokenizer
o*unix.hUNIX domain sockets, streams and sessions
o*url.hURL streams abstraction
o*xml.hXML streams abstraction and RPC services
o*ZrtpCallback.hCallback interface between ZRTP and the RTP stack implementation
o*ZrtpCodes.hThe ZRTP info, warning, and error codes
o*ZrtpConfigure.hThe ZRTP configure functions
o*ZrtpCWrapper.hThe GNU ZRTP C-to-C++ wrapper
o*ZrtpUserCallback.hThe ZRTP UserCallback class
\*zstream.hCompressed stream operations