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3.13 sccsdiff

The sccsdiff command compares two revisions stored in an sccs file, using the system utility diff. Options can be passed on to diff, for example to set the output format. As with the other utilities in the suite, sccsdiff will operate on a list of s-files, but unlike most of the others, it will not process directories named on the command line.

If you wish to compare the working copy of a file with a version stored in the s-file, you should use the command sccs diffs (see sccs).

The options for sccsdiff are described below.

This option is provided by CSSC but not by other SCCS implementations. It briefly describes the usage of the program.
Indicates the version information for the sccsdiff program.
The differences are piped through pr, rather than just being output directly.
This option is used to select a revision from the s-file. It must be specified exactly twice, in order to select a pair of revisions to compare.

All other options not appearing above are passed on to the diff program. All the non-option arguments will be processed in turn as sccs files.