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8.4 Base project methods

These methods are important for querying base information from project and target types:

Return a string that is the name of this target.
Return a string that is the name of the target used by a Make system.
A brief description of the project or target. This is currently used by the ‘ede-speedbar’ interface.
Return non-nil if a target will accept a given file. It is generally unnecessary to override this. See the section on source code.
Return non-nil if a buffer belongs to this target. Used during association when a file is loaded. It is generally unnecessary to override this unless you keep auxiliary files.

These methods are used by the semantic package extensions. See Top.

Return a header file belonging to a given buffer. Prototypes are place there when appropriate
Return the documentation file information about this file would be stored in.
List all documentation a project or target is responsible for.