7.4 Setting Scroll Margins

Scroll margins at the top and bottom of the window are now supported. (The design was copied from tpu-extras.el.) By default, this feature is enabled with the top margin set to 10% of the window and the bottom margin set to 15% of the window. To change these settings, you can invoke the function edt-set-scroll-margins in your .emacs file. For example, the following line

(edt-set-scroll-margins "20%" "25%")

sets the top margin to 20% of the window and the bottom margin to 25% of the window. To disable this feature, set each margin to 0%. You can also invoke edt-set-scroll-margins interactively while EDT Emulation is active to change the settings for that session.

Please note: Another way to set the scroll margins is to use the Emacs customization feature to set the following two variables directly: edt-top-scroll-margin and edt-bottom-scroll-margin.

Enter the Emacs customize command. First select the ‘Editing’ group and then select the ‘Emulations’ group. Finally, select the ‘Edt’ group and follow the directions.