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4.14 Sticky Articles

When you select an article the current article buffer will be reused according to the value of the variable gnus-single-article-buffer. If its value is non-nil (the default) all articles reuse the same article buffer. Else each group has its own article buffer.

This implies that it’s not possible to have more than one article buffer in a group at a time. But sometimes you might want to display all the latest emails from your mother, your father, your aunt, your uncle and your 17 cousins to coordinate the next Christmas party.

That’s where sticky articles come in handy. A sticky article buffer basically is a normal article buffer, but it won’t be reused when you select another article. You can make an article sticky with:


Make the current article sticky. If a prefix arg is given, ask for a name for this sticky article buffer.

To close a sticky article buffer you can use these commands:


Puts this sticky article buffer at the end of the list of all buffers.


Kills this sticky article buffer.

To kill all sticky article buffers you can use:

Function: gnus-kill-sticky-article-buffers ARG

Kill all sticky article buffers. If a prefix ARG is given, ask for confirmation.