6 Miscellaneous

After C-x b (ido-switch-buffer), the buffer at the head of the list can be killed by pressing C-k. If the buffer needs saving, you will be queried before the buffer is killed. C-S-b buries the buffer at the end of the list.

Likewise, after C-x C-f, you can delete (i.e., physically remove) the file at the head of the list with C-k. You will always be asked for confirmation before deleting the file.

If you enter C-x b to switch to a buffer visiting a given file, and you find that the file you are after is not in any buffer, you can press C-f to immediately drop into ido-find-file. You can switch back to buffer selection with C-b.

You can also use Ido in your Emacs Lisp programs:

(setq my-pkgs (list "CEDET" "Gnus" "Rcirc" "Tramp" "Org" "all-of-them"))
(ido-completing-read "What's your favorite package? " my-pkgs)